Thank you for visiting our website or booking with Live and Work Hotels at The Town House. The purpose of this document is to provide as much detail as we can about your suite and about our hotel. It is essentially our Frequently Asked Questions – so please let us know if we have left anything out.



Apart-Suite Specifications
How big is my Suite?

Approximate sizes – please see schematics on room pages for room sizes

Junior Suites (1 & 3) are 37 sq metres (400 sq ft)
Executive Suite 5 is 37 sq metres (400 sq ft)
Luxury One Bedroom Apart-Suites (2 & 4) are 50 sq metres (540 sq ft)
Luxury Apart-Suite 6 is 48 sq metres (515 sq ft)
Luxury One Bedroom Apart-Suite 7 is 41 sq metres (440 sq ft)
Luxury One Bedroom Apart-Suite 8 is 40 sq metres (430 sq ft)
Luxury One Bedroom Apart-Suite (9,10,12 & 15) are 44 sq metres (475 sq ft)
Luxury Two Bedroom Apart-Suite (11 & 14) are 50 sq metres (535 sq ft)
Luxury Two Bedroom Apart-Suite 16 is 52 sq metres (555 sq ft)

Does my suite have a Sea View?

Suites 2,4,6,8,11,14,16 are at the front of the hotel with sea views
Suites 1,3,5,9,10,12,15 are at the back of the hotel and do not have sea views.


What is the difference between Junior Suites and one or two bedroom suites?

The most significant differences are:

  • Junior Suites, Suite 7 and the Executive Suite 5 are at the back of the hotel and the one/two bedroom suites are at the front.

  • One and two bedroom suites have, as the names suggest, separate bedrooms and living rooms. Junior Suites are the traditional hotel suite design with large living/bedroom.


All rooms are profiled on our web site – see The Apartments.



What beds do I have?


The bed configuration is as follows:

Junior Suites 1 and 3- Super king size or twin beds & king size sofa bed
Apart-Suite 2, 5 & 7 – King size bed & king size sofa bed
Apart-Suites 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 & 15 – Super king size or twin beds & king size sofa bed
Apart-Suites 11, 14 & 16 – 2 x Super king size or twin beds & king size sofa bed


We can also put an extra fold away bed in all suites except 1,3,11,14 and 16.


How many people can sleep in my Suite?

The maximum room occupancy is 4 but this is relaxed for additional small children.


Can I book a specific suite?

Yes indeed, and this is why we provide detailed profiles – please call 01624 626125 or please use the book now feature on this web site.


Can I see pictures of my suite?

Yes, please see The Apartments.


Does the kitchen have…?

In general, the answer is yes. The kitchens are fully-equipped as defined by the self catering accommodation specifications from Visit Britain.


Do we provide Irons, Ironing Boards, Hair Dryers, Slippers, Gowns and DVD players?

Yes, each suite has all of these.


Can you provide a baby’s cot?

Yes, we can but we do not provide bed linen for the cots as we have found that most parents prefer to bring their own.


Do the suites have washing machines?

No, I am afraid not. We do, however, offer a same day washing service.


Do you have Sky Television?

Yes, we do, and it include sports and movies.


Check In

I see check in time is 15.00 but my flight arrives at 9 am – is there any leeway?

Our official check in time is 15.00, but often your suite may be available before this time – please check with us the day before. In any case, we would be pleased to store your bags as soon as you arrive, and move them to your room as soon as it is ready.


Why do you need to know the time I will arrive?

There are a number of things we would like to run through with you on your first visit and it takes no more than a minute or so. As reception is only manned full-time in business hours, we need to co-ordinate a suitable time to meet with you. Of course, when you come back, you can arrive and leave at your leisure with no input from us unless you would like it.


How can I contact you if I am running late?

At any time, you can reach the duty manager on 01624 626125, which is diverted to a mobile phone if we are out of the office.



Checking Out

Do I need to check out with reception?

No is the simple answer. We will make sure we have your credit card details at the time of booking and confirm them on arrival. As there are no keys, you can simply close the door and leave. We will email you a copy of your invoice and provided that there are no mistakes, we will charge your card in your absence.


I prefer to pay by cash for my stay – can I check out?

Yes of course you can – you may either pre-pay or please liaise with reception to agree on a suitable time before you leave.


What happens if I lose my key?

There are no keys! We operate a system of door codes which has the advantage of never having to worry about keys. This means you can just close the door when you leave – no need to check out. If you stay with us a second time, we can also send you the current codes so there is no need to check-in.


I know check out time is 11am but can I stay later?

I am afraid we have a set time to allow us to get rooms ready for new arrivals at 3pm. If possible, we will try and accommodate you, but in any case, we would be pleased to store your bags in reception if you have a late departure from the island.


Door Entry

How will I get the door codes?

We will email and text the current codes to you if you are a returning guest. The codes are also printed on the top of your welcome letter and we will text them to your mobile at the time we meet you on arrival.


Are door codes always the same?

Definitely not. We regularly change codes but try and make sure they inconvenience the minimum number of people. We may therefore notify you during your stay of a change.




Food Questions

Can you get some groceries for me?

We would be pleased to buy anything you require in advance of your arrival and put them in your room - just let us know. We make no charge for this service.


Can I get Tesco to delivered to me?

Yes, you can and many people do. Please bear in mind that some kitchens do not have a huge amount of space.


Does my rate include Breakfast?

Our model is slightly different to the regular hotel model. We will provide you with a welcome pack to enable you to make your own breakfast in your room, or you can eat a buffet or cooked breakfast in the restaurant (Coast) and charge it to your room. Our rates do not include breakfast at Coast unless arranged direct with ourselves.


What is in the welcome pack and what if I would prefer something else?

Our welcome packs include: Tea, Instant Coffee, Sugar, Filter Coffee, Milk, Bread, Butter, Jam, Marmalade and a selection of Cereals. Through the pre-arrival questionnaire, you can specify what sort of bread and milk you prefer, and request something else in preference or in addition.


Will you replenish the welcome pack everyday?

No, I am afraid that the welcome pack is only provided on your first day.


Can you recommend a good restaurant and book it for us?

We would be pleased to make any arrangements for you in advance of your stay. Each guest is asked on our departure questionnaire if they have eaten out anywhere and what they thought of it. In each room, you will find a directory of local restaurants with these comments. There are clear favourites!




Do you have access to a Gym?

We have a fully-functional cardio gym, fitted with the highest quality equipment available. We also have manual gym equipment, including a yoga mat, yoga ball and skipping rope. The gym is open 24/7 for all guests.




Do I need Travel Insurance?

If you have not already done so, we recommend that you take out travel insurance for this booking as the deposit you have paid may not be refundable and you may be liable for the cost of your stay even if weather is the cause of your cancellation. Full details of our cancellation policy and terms and conditions are provided with your booking confirmation. You do not need travel insurance for health care if you are coming from the UK as this is covered by a reciprocal agreement between the UK and the Isle of Man, but you do if you are coming from any other country and repatriation is not covered.





Can you do our laundry?

Yes we can – it is a same day service and we make a small charge for washing and ironing. We also arrange collection for dry cleaning which is recharged to you at cost.



Lift – do you have one?

It is with great relief, after 8 years of stairs, that we can say that as of October 2014, we will have a lift from which you can access all apartments with only a few steps at most.





Do I get towels and bedding?

Yes, your suite is equipped as you would find any hotel. We do not, however, supply baby cot bedding as we have found most parents prefer to bring their own. Please use the questionnaire to confirm how many guests are arriving so that we provide enough towels at the outset.

What happens if I get Sun Cream on the Linen?

Sun cream, fake tan, waterproof make up, hair dye and henna tattoos can cause permanent damage to bedding, linen and towels and we ask all guests to take care when using these products. Every effort will be taken to remove any stains but if this is not possible, a charge may be levied to replace these items.



How far are you from the Airport?

It usually takes between 20 minutes and half an hour to drive from the Airport.


Is there a bus service from the Airport?

Yes there is a bus service that stops very close to the Hotel. Just ask the bus driver for Loch Promenade. The current time table can be found at http://www.iombusandrail.info/1-2-11-12-N1-return.html


Are you far from the Sea Terminal?

From the Sea Terminal, we are a 5 minute walk along the Douglas Promenade. The hotel is at the end of the first terraced block. On the Contact Us page, there is a Google Maps live widget as well that pictures our location. 



I have some business meetings to hold. Do you have a meeting room I could use?

I am sorry but we no longer have meeting room facilities as we found that they were very rarely used.



Mobile Phone – will it work in the Isle of Man?

This is a strange question to ask these days as we just expect them to. Sadly, Manx Telecom and Sure, the 2 providers here on the island, do not have roaming agreements with all mobile operators and so you may find that your mobile phone will not work here, particularly if you are on a pay-as-you-go tariff.  This is subject to change, but O2, Vodaphone, EE are definitely working here. In the past, we have had issues with T-Mobile, but this is rare. If you are concerned, please check with your mobile phone provider.




Where can I park my car?

We are located right in the heart of Douglas and so parking is an issue, but secure parking is not – we rarely, if ever, have any car crime in the island. Unfortunately, there is no parking dedicated to our building although we are on a wait list. Parking options are as follows:

There is free parking in front of the hotel but it is only for two hours on Monday to Saturday between 8am and 6pm. You will need a parking disc for this, with which we can provide you. It is however, unrestricted outside these hours, so you can leave your car right outside in the evening and on Sunday.

You can also park further along the Promenade outside the disc zone for up to 24 hours free of charge. This is about 10 minutes walk

There are also several car parks within easy walking distance as follows:

  • Marks and Spencer – 2 minutes walk – 3 hours max.

  • On Douglas seafront – 4 minutes walk £1 per hour – not long term.

  • DOT car park beside the sea terminal – 5 minutes walk £4 for 24 hours but please note this is usually full Monday to Friday.

  • Douglas Corporation at the old bus station site – 5 minutes walk – £4.50 for the day with a lot of availability.

  • Multistory car park behind the shops (shoprite) which about 5 minutes walk – £4.50 for over 8 hrs.

We can give you directions to each car park when you arrive.


Can I bring my Dog? It is very well behaved.


I am sorry, but we do not allow pets of any sort. This is really to ensure that future guests, who may have allergies, are not inconvenienced.

Phone Calls
Are phone calls at The Town House really free to anywhere in the world? How can that be?


Yes, they are, but only to land lines and not to premium numbers. This is a benefit we are able to offer because the owner also used to own an internet business and calls are routed into the UK to benefit from bulk purchasing rates.



Pre-Arrival Questions
Why do you have a Pre-arrival questionnaire?


We like to make sure we are properly prepared for your visit so that suites and services can be configured to your specification. For instance, we need to know how many guests to ensure the appropriate numbers of linen and towels are provided, do you want use of a sofa bed? Twin or double beds? and taxi transfer etc…

Sea View – does my apartment have one?

This is covered above in the room specifications, but this really is the most frequent of frequently asked questions.  We also have guests book a room which clearly does not have a sea view and ask for a sea view.  We hate to have disappointed guests and so do try and be as transparent as possible about which rooms do and don’t have sea views.

In overview:

  • Rooms at the front of the hotel have sea views.

  • Sea view rooms are slightly more expensive.

  • Junior suites do not have sea views

In detail:

  • Suites 2,4,6,8,11,14,16 are at the front of the hotel with sea views

  • Suites 1,3,5,9,10,12,15 are at the back of the hotel and do not have sea views.


Award Winning Hotel?
What does the World Travel Awards logo on your homepage actually mean?

The Town House has won The World Travel Award’s Hotel of the Year for the Isle of Man for three consecutive years. Most recently we won the 2013/2014 season, which is the logo you see on the homepage. These awards are internationally recognised and awarded based on an independent evaluation of the top hotels on the Isle of Man.

What does the Gold Award logo on your homepage mean?

A hotel has to achieve certain high standards in order to earn Gold standard and it is recognised as a prestigious award in the hospitality sector. The Town House is proud to have been awarded Gold Standard 4 Star rating in the Serviced Apartments category by the Isle of Man Department of Tourism every year since its opening.


More questions? Contact Us.